Protection of personal data – Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy is in compliance with Regulation (EU) 2016 679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data.

ID NUMBER: REA: SI – 99088 – Codice Fiscale: 00894540525
REGISTERED OFFICE: Località Podere Brizio 67, 53024, Montalcino, Siena, Italy.
E-mail: [email protected]
Telephone: (+39) 0577 846004

Which is the purpose of my personal data processing?
PODERE BRIZIO S.R.L. SOCIETÁ AGRÍCOLA processes the information and personal data that you voluntarily provide us with the purpose of managing its accommodation reservation system. In addition PODERE BRIZIO S.R.L. SOCIETÁ AGRÍCOLA will process your personal data to manage the delivery of information that you previously have requested us in the contact tab, as well as to send you additional and/or promotional information about our products.

How long my personal data will be stored?
Your personal data will be stored in our systems to the necessary extent of time mandatory required by law according to the commercial and/or consumer relationships entered into.
For general purposes of communication – for example: questions, comments, etc. – your personal data will be stored to the necessary extent of time required to send you the information that you have requested, and until you expressly communicate us your decision of suppression of your personal data from our systems, or the cancellation of subscription to our newsletter and/or promotional communications.

How do you legitimate my personal data processing?
The legal basis for your personal data processing is the express consent given by yourself. The personal data that we require from you are appropriate, pertinent and in a quantity and quality strictly necessary to perform the services that you have expressly required from us.

Are there any recipients of personal data other than you?
Yes. Once you give us your express consent, by ticking the box on our website, we proceed to communicate your personal data to third parties and allowing them to send you information on similar products such as those you have previously requested to us.
Which rights do I have when I provide my personal data to you?
Once you have voluntarily submitted your personal data to us, you have the following rights:

  • To request access to your personal data.
  • To ask for rectification or to erase your personal data.
  • To exercise objection to be subject of automated processing decisions.
  • To ask for restriction of processing.
  • To have personal data portability.

You may exercise your rights sending a written notification and attaching a copy of your ID card or an official identification document to [email protected] or to PODERE BRIZIO S.R.L. SOCIETÁ AGRÍCOLA, Località Podere Brizio 67, 53024, Montalcino, Siena, Italy.

May I withdraw my consent?
Yes. You have the right to withdraw your consent at any given time without affecting the lawfulness of processing based on your consent before its withdrawal. Such withdrawal shall be sent in writing to [email protected] or to PODERE BRIZIO S.R.L. SOCIETÁ AGRÍCOLA, Località Podere Brizio 67, 53024, Montalcino, Siena, Italy.

Where to claim if I think that my personal data are not being correctly processed?
You can submit your claim to to [email protected] and we will provide you a prompt and clear response.

Security and update of my personal data
PODERE BRIZIO S.R.L. SOCIETÁ AGRÍCOLA has implemented state of the art technical and organizational schemes and systems in full compliance with applicable law in order to protect and preserve your personal data from alteration, loss and/or unauthorized access or processing.
We will keep your personal data updated as long as you let us know any modification on them by written notification at [email protected]

All the staff members of PODERE BRIZIO S.R.L. SOCIETÁ AGRÍCOLA who participate in any of your personal data processing stages, perform its activities according to strict due care standards and confidentiality policies.

Information on cookies
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It may happen that a web page may contain cookies sent by other websites or servers, which may contain elements hosted on the same page as for example, advertising banners, images, videos, maps, or specific links to other web pages of other domains which are located on different servers than the one they are visiting. In other words, these cookies are installed directly by the website managers or servers which are different from this website. We are talking, in these cases, of the said third-party cookies, which are normally used for monitoring purposes. The use of these cookies is subject to having acquired advance notice in regard to the user’s informed free consent, in compliance with Article 7th of the EU Regulation 2016/679.


Our website uses technical and monitoring cookies. These cookies enable us to offer users a more personalized and simple browsing experience. Cookies are solely associated to only one anonymous user and its computer and do not provide references on the user’s personal data. Users may configure their browser in order to be notified and avoid the installation of the said cookies, however this may affect the correct functioning of the website.

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The users can carry out their own preferences related to cookies through the functionality devices found in common browsers which allow to delete/remove the cookies ( all of them or some) or to change the planning of the browser itself, by blocking the cookies being sent or limiting this from happening on specific sites (compared to others).


The site also provides embeddable plugins and /or buttons and widgets that allow users to easily share content form their favorite social networks. Such plugins are developed so as not to set up cookie access to the page, in order to safeguard user privacy. If this is expected by the social networks, eventually the cookies are set up but only when there are explicit signs of user voluntary engagement in plugin interaction. Please keep in mind that if the users navigate being logged on the social network, in this case they have already given consent to the use of the cookies which are available through this site when subscribing to the social network.

The collection and use of the information obtained by means of plugins are in compliance to the respective social network privacy policies, to which the user should refer to.

The present privacy policy may be subjected to changes in time, which are also connected to the eventual coming into force of the new regulations regarding this sector, together with the updating or with the supply of new services, that is to say, along with the technological breakthroughs as they arise, for this reason the user/visitor is advised to periodically consult the regular updating of the said privacy policy.